Health from Green Juices, Even for Baby?

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Stay healthy with green juices | Drinking a green juice is a good way to take in all those nutrients you’re lacking when not eating vegetables and fruits.
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Nutrition Connections with Jessica Lehmann · Welcome · About … My almost one-year-old thinks his Happy Green Drink is yummy! Tweet. Category: Blog Tags: …
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Green Juice Chlorophyll: Reason Enough to Juice!

One fundamental aspect of green juice is chlorophyll, which is the product of plants changing the sun’s rays into fuel that higher life forms consume. In the absence of this, life as we understand it could not exist. Some of the lots of fantastic pluses of chlorophyll are powerful detoxifying properties that include cleaning of the liver, in addition to eliminating harmful bacteria and parasitic organisms.

Chlorophyll will likewise improve our blood quality thanks to its molecular makeup, approximating that of hemoglobin. It assists in increasing red cell count and improves the movement of oxygen through our circulatory system. It’s natural energy from the sun, pure and simple.

Chlorophyll also aids the repair and health of all systems in our bodies. Have you had your fresh green veggies today?

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